What We Do:

Full nutritional testing and other analytical chemistry tests
Microbiological testing
Shelf-life studies
Product Development
Troubleshoot Manufacturing and Processing Problems
✔ Hygiene audit and food safety training

Who We Service:

Food and Cosmetic Manufacturers/ Packing Facilities
Foodservice (Restaurants, Hotels, Distributers)
Universities and Colleges     

Being a SANAS accredited laboratory means we adhere to ISO 17025 which is an international quality standard for Testing Laboratories. We provide a comprehensive selection of Analytical and Microbiological Test Services. These services assist our 
customers in many aspects of their business namely: Duality Control Food Safety- Chemical and Microbiological Contaminants Innovation Determination of Nutritional Information for Food Products. When our clients decide to launch new Development of Product Specifications Process Control products they begin the journey at the FACT Innovation centre. From Product R&D to Shelf Trouble Shooting of Non-Conforming life testing, we walk with our clients until we Product and Customer Complaints add the Food Labeling finishing touches.

Furthermore, we conduct Hygiene Audits of manufacturing facilities that assist our clients by identifying food safety concerns. This can be done in conjunction with Food Safety Systems Training (ISO 22000 or HACCP) which provide a platform for clients to take their facilities towards complying with International Standards.

We walk our clients even further at the FACT Sensory Lab. We have a trained Sensory Evaluation team that performs Organoleptic tests. The clients benefit from detailed reporting against specific objectives. These objectives can centre around Product Improvement, Product Profiling, Product Development, Product Comparison, Customer Complaints and Taint Analysis.